My private practice is located in Bergen Park on the way to
Evergreen, Colorado.  I serve the Denver Metro/Denver
West area and Front Range Foothills.

I provide general adult psychiatric services for:
Office based evaluation of mental health problems including
depression, bipolar mood disorder, anxiety disorders,
substance-related disorders, cognitive decline, personality
and character issues and other mental health care.
Addiction psychiatry including subspecialty services for the
treatment of opiate dependence using Suboxone in
conjunction with other pharmacologic approaches.
Team treatment approach for patients dealing with
addiction problems.
Group therapy for additional addiction support.
Adults, ages 18 and up and select adolescent care.
Independent Medical Examiner evaluations for work-related
injuries resulting in psychiatric disability.
Forensic expert witness consultations & testimony.
Andrew E. Leifer, M.D., P.C.
Apex Treatment Services
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